All remaining performances in the School of Drama's 2019-2020 season have been canceled. Ticketholders, please use the ticket options form to indicate whether you would prefer to convert your ticket price into a tax-deductible donation to the School of Drama, or receive a refund.

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Costume Shop

The Costume Shop located in Hutchinson Hall.
The Costume Shop located in Hutchinson Hall.

The Costume Shop, located in 135 Hutchinson Hall and only a few steps from the Drama Library, is one of the best equipped multi-functional costume shops in the area. It features 8 full size work tables, 2 fitting rooms, hardwood floors, windows, full dye/crafts room, laundry facilities, and kitchen. 7 organized and inventoried storerooms contain over 7,000 feet of hanging storage and 800 feet of boxed storage. Full time staff keep the room busy building everything from bat wings to beautiful turn of the century gowns.

Please check our information for current students page for this quarter's check-out hours.  See the Costume Shop's loan policy.

Students, check out the Costume Club on Facebook.