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Job Description: Costume Shop/Drama 211 Assistant

JOB TITLE: Costume Graduate Staff Assistant
DEPARTMENT: University of Washington Drama

Job Description:

Purpose and scope:

The Costume Shop GSA student(s) is (are) responsible for assisting the designer and costume shop staff in the completion of the School of Drama productions and shop activities.


  • Assists in all aspects of costume production.
  • Sews, either by machine or hand, the costumes assigned.
  • Manages time effectively on each sewing project.
  • Communicates with other team members concerning problems and their possible solutions.
  • Interpret and implement costume crafts projects incuding hats, jewelry, footwear, armor, foam structures, puppets, masks, belts, fans, and purses.
  • Plans and executes the dyeing and painting of fabric.
  • Purchase materials either locally or other wise for productions.
  • Borrow and / or return borrowed items from other theaters.
  • Assist in maintaining costume stockrooms and rental / loan program.
  • Maintain wig / hair for productions.
  • Assists in cleaning the workroom and machines.
  • Attend weekly shop meetings.
  • Performs duties as assigned.

JOB TITLE: Costume 211 / Wardrobe crew supervisor

Drama 211 Lab

This job should manage 6 hours per week.

  • Works with the instructor from an assigned syllabus to prepare and teach the Drama 211 Lab classes.
  • Clean up and restocks after each lab class.
  • Assists in providing grading information and evaluation of student work.
  • Maintains and verifies an attendance log.
  • Makes recommendations to the instruction as to discipline actions.
  • Performs duties as assigned.

Drama 290-1-2 Wardrobe Crew Supervisor

This job should manage up to 114 hours of Wardrobe and dress rehearsal prep for each production. During this time the ASE should:

  • Prepare printed training materials and calendars.
  • Assist in costume load in
  • Create a costume change and dress plot.
  • Coordinate the maintenance of costumes during the performance period
  • Read the script or attends a final run through.
  • Verify items and labels for each piece on the rack with the Crew Head
  • Polish shoes
  • Set up the sewing repair kit
  • Pull extra clothing items as needed
  • Assist with load over and back of costumes
  • Organize the pull items and check in
  • Schedule the laundry and maintenance schedule
  • Supervise the Run Crew and Crew Head
  • Facilitate quick changes and all costume changes

This job should manage 6 hours per production for strike and restock. During this time the ASE should:

  • Organize and move the costumes to be returned to the shop
  • Do the laundry and hand wash items with the strike assistance
  • Check all pockets of items to be dry cleaned
  • Put the dry clean items in a plastic bag and label.  Complete an inventory of items
  • Spray and restock shoes
  • Restock accessories
  • Clean the wigs, brush, and braid after dry
  • Restock dry cleaned items when returned.


Costume Shop ASEs

Assigned course, lab, or research project (if applicable) Costume Shop GSA
Faculty member or supervisor to whom the ASE will report Josie Gardner, costume shop manager
(206) 543-5246, jogard@uw.edu
Procedures used for evaluation (if any)

Approximately mid-quarter you will be evaluated by your supervisor on:

  • Completes tasks in a timely manner
  • Attendance/punctuality
  • Willingness to take on "ad hoc" duties
  • Initiative
  • Attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Communication with supervisor
  • Overall focus on projects

You will receive a copy of this evaluation. Re-appointment is dependent on satisfactory job performance.


An average of 20 hours per week, for a total not to exceed 220 hours for the quarter.

Use the ASE schedule to see when you will be required to work in the costume shop for each quarter. The ASE work period starts before classes begin and ends after the last day of class in each quarter, so plan time away accordingly. You are responsible for fulfilling your required ASE hours.

Autumn – Sept 16-Dec 15
Winter – Dec 16-March 15
Spring – March 16-June 15

The maximum number of students for which the ASE will be responsible NA
Office hours (if applicable) NA
Training programs (if applicable) As arranged with supervisor.
Work location Drama Costume Shop, 135 Hutchinson Hall, UW Campus