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Core Requirements - BA Degree in Drama

Admission to drama major status requires completion of Drama 251 and Drama 201; one from Drama 210, 211, 212 , 213; and one from Drama 290, 291, 292. A student must receive an overall GPA of 2.50 or higher for the four courses. Priority registration in these core courses is given to drama majors and intended drama majors. Intended drama majors must meet with the Drama Advisor and get their name on the intended majors list.

Drama Majors who fall below a 2.00 GPA in Drama courses will be placed on probation for one quarter. If the student does not raise the GPA to a 2.00 after that time, he or she will be dropped from the major and returned to pre-major status. Students dropped may petition the School of Drama for readmission.

Undergraduate majors are required to take a core of theatre performance, history/theory, and design and technical courses plus drama electives at the 300 - 400 level. Students will then choose to study a BA in Drama or a BA in Drama with one of the options listed below. The student must also satisfy the General Education requirements established by the College of Arts and Sciences. Awarding the BA degree requires a minimum of 180 credits and a minimum 2.00 grade-point average.

While we strongly prefer that students take the theatre history sequence in order, it is not required. We also recognize that there are special circumstances that prevent taking a course in the theatre history sequence, including transfer students, double majors, study abroad conflicts, etc. In this situation, a student may petition to substitute another course from the College of Arts and Sciences. A student must submit the undergraduate course petition and a copy of the proposed course syllabus to the academic advisor who will discuss the substitution with the Head of the BA Program.


Acting: (10 credits)
Drama 251 Beginning Acting (5 )
Drama 252 Beginning Acting (5)

Design & Technical Theater: (12 credits)
Drama 210 (scenic design & construction) (4)
Drama 211 (costume design & construction) (4)
Drama 212 (stage lighting) (4)
Drama 213 (sound design) (4)

Running Crews (any two crews) (2-4 credits)
Drama 290 Theater Technical Practice Lab (1-3)*
Drama 291 Theater Technical Practice Lab (1-3)*
Drama 292 Theater Technical Practice Lab (1-3)*

Theater History, Dramatic Literature & Criticism (30 credits)
Drama 201 Plays and Styles (5) 
Drama 302 Critical Analysis of Theater (5)
Drama 371 Theater History 1 (5)
Drama 372 Theater History 2 (5)
Drama 373 Theater History 3 (5)

One Additional Drama History Course, must be from this list:
Drama 365 Ethnic Studies in Drama (5)
Drama 416 History of Western Dress (5)
Drama 494 Special Studies in Theatre & Drama (5)

Drama 401: Majors Seminar (1 credit)

In addition to the requirements above, Drama Electives at the 300 - 400 level (10 credits)
Drama 316 Theatrical Makeup (2)
Drama 317 Introduction to Costume Construction (2-5)
Drama 351 Intermediate Acting - Scene Study (4)*
Drama 352 Intermediate Acting - Verse (4)*
Drama 353 Intermediate Acting - Production*
Drama 365 Ethnic Studies in Theater (5)
Drama 391 Beginning Technical Practices (1-3)
Drama 405 Computer Graphics Systems (3)
Drama 406 Digital Cinema Production (3-5)
Drama 410 Advanced Theater Technical Practices (2-4)
Drama 414 Scene Design (3)
Drama 415 Stage Costume Design (3)
Drama 416 History of Western Dress (5)
Drama 417 Stage Costume Patterning and Construction (3)
Drama 418 Scene Painting (3)
Drama 419 Advanced Stage Lighting Design (3)
Drama 420 Design and Technical Drafting (2)
Drama 421 Drawing and Rendering Techniques for Theater (2)
Drama 441 Beginning Playwriting (1-6)
Drama 451 Advanced Acting - Production (4)
Drama 452 Advanced Acting - Scene Study (4)
Drama 453 Advanced Acting - Physical Training (4)
Drama 454 Projects in Acting (3)
Drama 455 Alexander Technique (3)
Drama 456 Topics in Theater for Youth (3-5)
Drama 457 Creating Drama (3-5)
Drama 460 Introduction to Directing (4)
Drama 461 Elementary Directing (4)
Drama 466 Stage Management
Drama 490 Special Studies in Acting - Directing (1-6)
Drama 491 Special Studies in Design - Technical (1-6)
Drama 493 Drama Internship (1-6)
Drama 494 Special Studies in Theater & Drama (5) only if taken more than once
Drama 495 Practicum in Design and Technical Theater (2-6)
Drama 496 Stage Costume Problems (2)
Drama 498 Theater Production (1-2)
Drama 499 Undergraduate Research (1-5)

Total drama credits required for graduation: 65 credits


Last revised April 18, 2013


Drama Major Requirements (PDF)

Drama Major Requirements prior to Autumn 2013 (PDF)