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Graduate Student Payroll and Insurance Information

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Payroll and forms:

The University of Washington uses Workday as its payroll/human resources system. You will receive an email with information on submitting some of your payroll paperwork on line. After you have done that you must show the ID documents required by Arts and Humanities Shared Services to complete the process.

International students will need to fill out additional forms in Glacier and follow the directions posted by the International Student Services Office to get a Social Security Number.

Call the grad program advisor at (206) 543-0714 or e-mail uwdrama@uw.edu if you have any questions.


The UW is on a quarterly system. For payroll purposes payday is on the week-day closest to the 10th and 25th of each month

  • Autumn quarter payroll is September 16-December 15, and paydays are October 10 and 25, November 10 and 25, December 10 and 24.
  • Winter quarter payroll is December 16-March 15, and paydays are January 10 and 25, February 10 and 25, March 10 and 25.
  • Spring quarter payroll is March 16-June 15, and paydays are April 10 and 25, May 10 and 25, June 10 and 25.

Direct deposit:

Direct deposit of your pay check is available by following these directions.  Please note: this is separate from signing up for direct deposit of your financial aid.


  • Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP) - for graduate students who have an appointment that pays them $800 a month or more, their insurance provider is GAIP. The GAIP website has dates and coverage information. Please ask if your Graduate Program Advisor if you're not sure if you're eligible for coverage
  • In general, whether it is an ASE appointment or a Fellowship. If a student has either an ASE appointment, which includes insurance coverage or a fellowship that includes insurance coverage uninterrupted through Fall, Winter, Spring, they are eligible for Summer coverage. If there is any interruption in coverage, for example, the student is only covered Fall and Winter, but not Spring, or Fall and Spring, but not Winter, etc., they will not be eligible for coverage in Summer, and will need to arrange their own coverage for the quarters that are not covered. For any quarter a student is not covered by UW paid GAIP insurance, GAIP does have a self-pay option students can opt into.
  • International Students are required to enroll in the International Student Health Insurance Program (ISHIP). If an international student has an appointment with GAIP insurance coverage, they can waive ISHIP coverage.