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Computing: Software

Faculty, staff, and students at the School of Drama have access to many different software titles, both for school and personal use. Below is a sample of titles with details about usage and purchasing.

  • Adobe Software
  • Audacity
  • Final Cut
  • Final Draft
  • Lightwright
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Q-Lab
  • Vectorworks

Adobe Software: Many of the faculty-, staff-, and student-accessible computers in the School of Drama have Adobe's Master Collection installed. This suite contains most Adobe products, including Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.  Current faculty, staff, and students can purchase Adobe software at a significant discount through a number of retail resources, including the University Bookstore's Tech Center.

Audacity: Audacity is free software for sound recording, mixing, and more. More information can be found on the Audacity site.

Final Cut: Final Cut is an Apple product that allows for a full range of video editing options. As part of a focus upon digital video production, the School of Drama has licensing for Apple's Final Cut suite of video editing software. This software is available on-campus in our editing suite, and can also be found at Odegaard Learning Commons.

Final Draft: This script-writing software is an industry standard and is used by our faculty when writing plays. The software can be made available upon request on student-access computers.

Lightwright: Lightwright is the de facto industry-standard software used to manage professional lighting design paperwork. The School of Drama has a site license for the software for use in labs and shows, and students can get reduced-cost educational versions from the Lightwright web site.

Microsoft Office: This suite of software includes Word, Excel, etc. Office is installed on most School-owned computers. Current students can get Office 365 for free.

Microsoft Windows: This operating system is installed on most School-owned computers. Current faculty, staff and students can find steep discounts on Microsoft OS Software.

QLab: Software for the Mac that allows you to control audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. The basic version of QLab is free and provides a powerful audio playback environment. For advanced users, licenses are available to enhance the audio features, as well as to add video and MIDI functionality. The School of Drama often utilizes the professional version for theatre productions.

Vectorworks: This software is for 2- and 3-dimensional design and competes with AutoCAD in the theatre industry. The School of Drama has licenses for Vectorworks connected with many student-access computers. Faculty, staff, and students who need licenses on specific computers can register for a free educational version of the software.

On the HUB is a centralized site where you can buy software