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W-4 Forms

Employees may complete and update their W-4 form online.

  1. Go to ESS (Employee Self-Service) . ** You must have a UWNetID.
  2. Go to the Taxes section of ESS to find the W-4 link.
  3. Select either Add W-4 or Update W-4 and complete the form.

If You Are Unable to Access Employee Self-Service or are a Non-Resident Alien

Instructions for completing the W-4 Form

Complete the paper W-4 form

  1. All boxes must be filled in.
    1. 1-3 must be completed.
    2. 4,5,6, and 7 as applicable. (However, you cannot fill in both 5 & 7.)
  2. If you claim exempt, you must refile every year.
    1. Deadline is indicated on the W-4 form.
  3. Please note: If the form is not correctly completed, your status will be defaulted until it is correctly completed and returned to the Payroll Office. Refunds are not issued.
  4. Check your paycheck stub or advice slip to ensure that the rate has been entered correctly.
  5. If at any time you would like to make changes, update it on ESS or turn in a new W-4 form and return it to the Payroll Office. This will supercede your previous W-4 form.
  6. If you are a Non-resident Alien, please refer to the special rules section on completing the W-4 form. Payroll Office Procedure:
  7. If you send another W-4 form, the most recent form will supercede the old information.