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Drama 2024-2025 Undergraduate Curriculum

Drama Course # Aut
Drama 101 Introduction to Theatre X X X
Drama 103 Theatre Appreciation (online) X ? ?
Drama 111 Backstage Tech X
Drama 171 Broadway Musical (Armstrong) X
Drama 180 Collaboration and Inclusion
Drama 201 Plays & Styles X X
Drama 202 Creative Leadership (Curtis-Newton)
Drama 203 Resilience (Curtis-Newton) X
Drama 212 Theatre Technical Practice
Drama 213 Sound Design (M.L. Dogg) X
Drama 215 Visual Thinking 
Drama 221 Visual Narrative in Performance X
Drama 222 Tools of Composition in Theatrical Design (Dauber) X
Drama 251 Acting 1 (Hafso)
X X  
Drama 252 Acting 2
  X X
Drama 254 Improv (Wrenn) X
Drama 261 Acting Tools for Professional Presentation (Madden) X
Drama 270 Theatre for Social Change World (Johnson)
Drama 285 Creativity as Research (Frace) ?
Drama 290 Backstage Orientation (McAleer) X
Drama 302 Critical Analysis (Mihaylova)
 X X
Drama 317 Costume Construction (Skorstad)
Drama 319 Projections (Braun) ?
Drama 351 Scene Study
X   X
Drama 352 Verse
Drama 353 Suzuki (Frace')
Drama 354 Psychophysical Acting X
Drama 365   X
Drama 371 Theater History 1 (Johnson)
Drama 372 Theater History 2 (Magelssen)
Drama 373 Theater History 3 (Mihaylova AUT24, Magelssen SPR25)
 X X
Drama 401 Majors Seminar (Boyle) X
Drama 406 Digital Cinema Production (Braun)
Drama 414 Scene Design (Walsh) X
Drama 415 Costume Design  X
Drama 416 History of Styles (Franz Knight)
satisfies history special topics requirement
Drama 418 Scene Painting (Law) by permission only X
Drama 419, Lighting Design (Smith)
Drama 420, Design and Technical Drafting X
Drama 421, Drawing
by permission only
Drama 430 Textile Knowledge (Trout)
by permission only
Drama 441 Beginning Playwriting (Yeboah)
Drama 451 Documentary Theatre (Yeboah) X
Drama 452 Advanced scene study   X
Drama 454 Proj. in Acting (Audition Techniques)
Drama 455 Alexander (Madden) X  
Drama 456 Theater for Youth (Platt)
Drama 480 Game Design in Live Performance (Mackey) X
Drama 460 Intro to Directing (Curtis-Newton) X
Drama 461 X
Drama 466 Stage Management
X  X  
Drama 490 - Speaking Voices for the Actor (Connors)
Drama 490 - Musical Theater (Hafso) X
Drama 490 - Play/Le Jeu
Drama 490 - Combat (Alm) X
Drama 490 - Screen Acting X
Drama 491 - Making Plays (Walsh) X
Drama 494 X