MFA Design Academic and Schedule Information

Registration Information - Autumn 2018:

Course #



who takes?


13565 Figure drawing, Richlovsky All costume and scenic, 1st year lighting


13574 Skills, Mercier All first year designers


13583 Adv lighting, Korf First year lighting, second year scenics


13584 Studio and exit projects
Korf, Mercier, Trout
First (5 credits) and third year designers


13585 Scenic design
Second year scenic designers


13586 Advanced lighting (Korf)
1-4 credits
 2nd year lighting designers

514 A

 13587 Scenic seminar (Mercier),
2 credits

514 B

 13588 Costume seminar, Trout costume designers

514 C

13589 Lighting colloquium, Smith  lighting designers


Study of western dress, decor
and styles, Franz-Knight
All first year scenic and costume


Courses of study

General course of study for MFA in design students (PDF).

Going on leave

In your professional quarter you may choose to go on leave, so that you don't pay tuition. Because of visa requirements, international students may not go on leave in fall quarter and may want to complete their professional quarter in the summer. To go on leave, fill out a web-based form and pay a $25 fee. Please Note: Graduate students are required to remain in graduate status -- registered or on leave. Students who do not remain in graduate status will be required to pay a $250 reinstatement fee

If you have any financial aid out you should apply and pay for going on-leave no later than the second Friday of the quarter. Students who are officially on-leave by the 2nd Friday of the quarter will have their on-leave status reported to the National Student Clearinghouse.

Applying for your degree

In your final quarter of your third year: You must complete

You can apply for your degree starting the first week of the quarter. They will ask if you're in a thesis program, and you are. For your thesis title, use:

  • "the design of (either scenery, costumes or lights) for PLAY TITLE by AUTHOR"

You have until the last day of classes of the quarter to complete the on line application, but it will only take you a couple of minutes so it would be great to file early and get it done. No charge. Trying to file for your degree after the last day of classes will mean at least a $250 charge, plus delays.

Commencement registration starts in early May, and their web site (link below) has information on signing up to walk in the ceremony, reserving tickets for guests, etc. Commencement is entirely different from filing for your degree, signing up to go through Commencement will not work unless you have filed for your degree as above.

Thesis information