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MFA Directing - Academic and Schedule Information

Getting your degree:

In you last quarter of your third year you must complete the:

You can apply for your degree starting the first week of the quarter. They will ask if you're in a thesis program, and you are. For your thesis title, use this as a template:

  • The Direction of PLAY TITLE by PLAYWRIGHT

The Graduate School has formatting guidelines on their web site, with info on required sections of the thesis document (title page, copyright page, abstract page). The link to submit your thesis via ProQuest is ProQuest thesis submittal page. You also submit a masters supervisory committee approval form.

You have until the last day of classes of the quarter to complete the on line application, but it will only take you a couple of minutes so it would be great to file early and get it done. No charge. Trying to file for your degree after the last day of classes will mean at least a $250 charge, plus delays.

Commencement registration starts in early May, and their web site (link below) has information on signing up to walk in the ceremony, reserving tickets for guests, etc. Commencement is entirely different from filing for your degree, signing up to go through Commencement will not work unless you have filed for your degree as above.

Satisfactory Progress and Attendance Guidelines

Graduate students must maintain satisfactory progress to stay in the program.

  • Satisfactory progress toward the degree includes such things as continuing enrollment in the program; satisfactory completion of course work in a graduate program at a reasonable rate; a cumulative grade point average competitive in the program and, in any case, not less than the Graduate School minimum of 3.0; satisfactory and timely completion of examinations in the graduate program; and steady and substantial progress toward completion of a thesis, dissertation, or terminal project.
  • Contribute with distinction to the academic and performance programs within the School of Drama.
  • Produce tangible research and/or creative works which meet the approval of the School of Drama faculty.
  • Satisfactory completion of course work in the manner outlined by School of Drama faculty.
  • Satisfactory quarterly evaluation from faculty.

Attendance: Part of the rigor of the program rests on the assumption that the carefully selected actors and directors are adult, responsible and dedicated. Further, the faculty assumes that taking advantage of the total program will be the first priority of the students' time and efforts. The PTP is based on an ensemble model. Every actor and director is to a considerable degree dependent on every other actor and director being present, responsible and similarly dedicated as their fellows. The most concrete and obvious indication of a student's dedication is punctuality and attendance. Therefore, we enforce a studio, class, and rehearsal attendance policy based on professional standards; one that is modeled on the Actors Equity Association rehearsal attendance rules. In brief, all actors and directors in the program are expected to be in attendance, on time and ready to work for all classes, costume fittings, TA and GSA assignments and called rehearsals.

Attendance is kept for each class. Any absences will be considered unacceptable unless under the most extraordinary circumstances and cleared by the Head beforehand. If an actor becomes too ill to attend classes or rehearsal they are expected to promptly call the Head and leave a message of explanation with the office. If a student is seriously ill or contagious to others, he/she will not be expected to participate in classes or rehearsals. Such decisions are made in conjunction with the Head and on a case-by-case basis. Some proof of an illness-absence may be requested. Routine doctor's appointments are to be arranged outside of class and rehearsal times. Additionally, any individually arranged outside meetings or obligations must take place other than during class and rehearsal time.