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Final Weekend: Reading to Vegetables

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on February 4, 2014 - 12:00pm
Reading to Vegetables press photo
Reading to Vegetables press photo

Reading to Vegetables
By EM Lewis
Directed by Tina Polzin 
Previews Wed, Jan 29 and Thurs, Jan 30
Opening Night Friday, January 31
Runs through February 9
Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre 

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Reading to Vegetables is very thought-provoking and it provides a message that is extremely relevant to college students." -UW Daily

"The characters and their stories weave through seamlessly." -UDistrict Daily

The opportunity to bring a brand new play from page to stage is rare for student directors. With Reading to Vegetables, Tina Polzin, a student in our Professional Director Training Program (PDTP), worked directly with playwright EM Lewis to create a Hitchcockian world of suspense on stage for the very first time. Inspired by Milgram’s famous “Obedience to Authority Studies” of the 1960s, this psychological thriller centers on a pre-med student, working as a research assistant, who poses as a coma victim. Her test subjects unwittingly share their secrets, and when a terrible accident occurs, the audience is left to decide who is responsible.

Photo: Anna Lamadrid in Reading to Vegetables (© Mike Hipple)

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