Lecturer Jane Richlovsky gives TED Talk about artists and real estate

Jane Richlovsky, part-time lecturer for the School of Drama MFA design program, gave a TEDx Talk this winter at Pennsylvania State University titled "When Artists Get Together They Talk About Real Estate." From the press release:

"In her paintings, Richlovsky unpacks the mid-century version of the myth of the American Dream. In her TED talk, she unpacks the myth of the "Tortured Artist"  – from mid-nineteenth-century Parisian novels through the media coverage of her own twenty-first-century studio eviction. She contends that as long as everyone, including artists themselves, cling to the Tortured-Artist myth, the age-old problem of displacement of cultural makers from urban centers by gentrification will continue according to script. As a first step toward a new narrative, she advocates the transformation of the stereotypical starving artist in the garrett into the artist as business-person who invests in the neighborhood and shares in the wealth they create."


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