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Creative Process Takes Center Stage with The Tale of the Heike

Submitted by Drama Communications on January 27, 2016 - 11:27am
The Tale of the Heike
The Tale of the Heike

The Daily wrote an article covering the School of Drama's New Play Workshop, The Tale of the Heike

"When life is scripted, things flow smoothly. There are directions, cues, placements, and lines. For audiences, the force of a theatrical production comes from the heavily rehearsed, down-to-the second cohesive blending of visual, vocal, and physical presences.

But what happens to theater when the script isn’t finished? What happens to the experience without backdrop, design, or costume? Where does the story go when the path is unknown?

These are ideas the UW School of Drama is challenging with its 75th anniversary commemorative New Play Workshop series. Different from the process of forming a large-scale production, the workshop series is designed to let students become intimately involved with a specific part of theater: the script."

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