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UTS Presents: Hamlet

Submitted by Katrina M Ernst on May 12, 2016 - 10:41am
Poster for "Hamlet"

A father murdered. A murderer crowned. After being summoned home for his father's funeral—and his mother's marriage to the new king, Claudius—Prince Hamlet learns there may be foul play involved in the death of the previous king and feigns madness in an effort to delve into the deception shrouding Denmark's throne. However, his quest for truth calls into question two polar identities, leaving him forced to make a choice. Is he the noble prince who does what is best for his country, or the dutiful son who stops at nothing to exact revenge upon his father's killer? Stuck in the center of an expansive political web, Hamlet's decisions help determine not only his own path, but the path of Denmark itself as well.

by William Shakespeare
directed by Megan Brewer
May 26–June 5
Cabaret Theatre


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