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The School of Drama directs emails to our students via specialized email forums. To subsribe/unsubscribe or view archives, click on the name of the forum. Please also read the Posting Guidelines before you send an email to a forum. Please also see Drama Computing FAQ for information on computer labs, printing, etc.

The Forums

This is the Advising Office's main distribution list. Postings include general School of Drama information, Drama course offerings, production and audition notices and job announcements, and School of Drama scholarship information. Drama majors must subscribe to this forum. It is also recommended for anyone interested in the daily goings-on at the School of Drama.

This list is run by students, for students, and is open to all departments and art RSOs. The goal of the listserv is to promote and facilitate opportunities for students to collaborate between departments: publicity for upcoming shows/events, auditions for student work, calls for collaboration, etc.

To post:

Send an email to:

Be sure you understand the Posting Guidelines. There is no guarantee that postings sent to the wrong Forum will be forwarded to the correct one.

Email Forum Posting Guidelines

Meaningful Subject Lines

When sending messages to Drama Email Forums, please make sure that they have a clear and descriptive entry on the Subject: line.

Include Your Signature

Please be sure to sign your full name at the bottom of your posting and include your affiliation(s) and email address. Some subscribers may receive their email messages with the header information stripped away by their local system and therefore cannot otherwise know the author of a particular posting.

Provide Context

Every posting should begin with a clear introduction to the topic, or offer some kind of reference to the topic or a previous posting. There are often several threads of discussion going ton simultaneously, which makes unreferenced postings confusing to readers.

A popular way of providing context is to quote verbatim from the original message. However, keep the quotations short and relevant. Quoting entire messages, signatures and all, can be inconsiderate.


Humor is appreciated, but please remember that humor in email can easily be misinterpreted. Consider using "emoticons" to more clearly identify a comment as humorous :-), ironic ;-) or sad :-( .