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Auditioning and Applying for the PATP - 2021

Apply now for 2021 admissions

What We Look For

Our program seeks motivated and talented individuals who possess qualities that include receptivity, transparency, inventiveness, expansiveness, and coordination. We also seek those who have the curiosity, hunger, discipline, and courage necessary to become actors who can make significant work. We expect our students to consistently strive to expand their skills and physiological conditioning while developing their own identity as creative individuals. We expect professionalism in our students' behavior and work ethic. We value, model, and encourage collaboration, self-reliance, critical thinking, and the creative imagination.

Applicants must have earned a bachelors/undergraduate degree before they begin the program.

The application consists of a private audition and the submission of other application materials.

The Audition

The audition for the PATP class arriving in fall 2021 will be all online. Please submit a video, maximum of four minutes total, with the following elements in any order:

  1. Two contrasting monologues. The contrast could be classical/contemporary, or comedic/dramatic, or broad-and-physical/subtle-and-internal, or anything you believe reveals different angles of your acting.
  2. Please tell us about a teacher you have had (any time in your life, any subject) whose influence you carry with you, and what is the most meaningful lesson or advice you received from them?
  3. Optional: maximum 32 bars of a song, a cappella. 16 bars is perfectly acceptable; whether you choose to sing or not, the total video should not exceed four minutes in length.

email the video (as attachment or link) to

Deadline for submission of the video and application materials (see below) is January 4, 2021.

Application Materials

Please submit the following material via the UW Graduate School's web application.

  • A headshot.
  • A current résumé
  • A statement of purpose including educational and professional goals. This can be of whatever length you like.
  • One set of unofficial college transcripts, photocopy is fine.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

Deadlines, callbacks, and further information

If you miss the deadline and are still interested in auditioning, please email to see if that is possible.

Callback interviews will be held between January 25 and February 5, 2021.

For more information on the PATP program, contact Professor Jeffrey Fracé.

University/Resident Theater Association

  • We will be also be auditioning actors through U/RTA. U/RTA auditions will be entirely online this year. Please visit for more information.

Applicants who do not want a private audition and plan to only audition through the University/Resident Theater Association (U/RTA) National Unified Final Auditions do not need to submit any audition or application materials. If the head of the program is interested in considering you for the program we will specifically ask you to apply to the Graduate School later. (You may still apply for financial assistance available through the University by submitting the FAFSA and designating University of Washington-Seattle, Code #003798, in Step 6.)

Contact U/RTA at:
1560 Broadway, Suite 414
New York, NY 10036

U/RTA's application deadline is usually in late November. They will accept late applications up to a certain date with the payment of a late fee.

Admissions Requirements

Students who hold (or will hold by September) a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution may apply. Most applicants have undergraduate degrees in theatre, but it is not essential. All must demonstrate outstanding talent to be admitted. The GRE is not required. International applicants must meet the minimum TOEFL and TSE scores and other Graduate School requirements.