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Online - dis/re/connection

Friday, March 5, 2021 to Sunday, March 7, 2021
Poster with man's face on dark background and text dis/re/connection

dis/re/connection is a new collaborative performance that explores connection, disconnection, and reconnection. How have we, and do we, connect with each other? With ourselves? How do we disconnect from others and ourselves? And ultimately, what is reconnection? What does it feel like? What can it be? Presented through vignettes, music, poetry, movements, and scenes all created by the ensemble, this meditation poetically asks us to reckon with ourselves and to ultimately persist.

Directed and Curated by Kristie Post Wallace (she/her)

Devised, Written by, and Starring Alene Nunn (she/her), Brady Genessy (he/him), Darrin Burnett (he/him), Sydney Peebler (she/her), and Rebecca Pirkle (they/them).

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