We've moved! The School of Drama operations are relocating to Condon Hall until Summer 2024, while Hutchinson Hall undergoes seismic upgrades. See additional information.

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Frequently Asked Questions



In the event of an emergency, call 911. 

To call UW Police for non-emergencies, call 206-625-UWPD


On-Campus Call         Dial the last five digits of the number.
Off-Campus Local      Dial '9', then 1 + area code + number (area code is necessary)
Long Distance*:          Dial '77', then 1 + area code + number + UWATS code.
International Calls*:    Dial 77 + 011 + country code + city code + number + UWATS code



Your mail should be addressed to:

[Your Name]
School of Drama, Box 353950
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Faculty & Staff Mailboxes

Mail for Staff and Faculty is sorted into mailboxes in HUT 122. 

Graduate Student Mailboxes

There are mailboxes for graduate students at the east end of the corridor leading to 122.  

Outgoing Mail

Mail is picked up and delivered once a day, at approximately 10:30 AM. There are bins in front of the Front Desk in 101 Hutchinson Hall for outgoing mail, which are sorted by type. There is also a bin for mail bearing U.S. postage stamps and a bin for mail bearing UW budget codes (to get barcode labels for budget numbers, see Drama Administrator). If you have questions about sending a letter or package, either through the mail or by express carrier, talk to staff in Hutchinson 101. 

Express Mail (FedEx, UPS, Etc.)

Items mailed via Non-USPS Carriers should be addressed to:

[Your name]
School of Drama, 101 Hutchinson Hall
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195

Packages will be left in the mail room atop the mailboxes if they do not fit within your mailbox. 

There is no standard pickup of UPS/FedEx packages in Hutchinson Hall.  The sender should drop the package in one of the campus UPS or FEDEX boxes (assuming they will fit). Otherwise, they should drive the package to the UPS or FEDEX store.

Copy Machines

A copy machine is located in HUT 122. You can also print to and scan from these machines.  You will need a copier code to use these machines.

Copier codes for copier can be found through the Front Desk.

UW email account 

For more information or to set up a UW email account go to http://uwnetid.washington.edu/newid/

Alternative NetID Accounts

If you have need of another NetID for an individual or a group, please see the options below:

Shared accounts are used when a number of people want to share the same UW NetID.

Temporary/Visitor accounts provide a visitor or guest with access to UW’s wireless networks. Current faculty or staff can create a temporary account for their guests.

Sponsored accounts are for individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a UW NetID and may be sponsored by any current UW faculty or staff member.

Change in Personal Contact Information

The departmental office needs your current Seattle address and telephone number. Changes in address and telephone number should be given to Office Assistant in HUT 101. You may also change your own address using the Employee Self Service web page, accessible through www.myuw.edu.

To change your contact address online, go to https://myuw.washington.edu and follow the link to the Employee Self Service pages.

Students also need to contact the registrar's office and inform them of any address changes. Classified staff, senior fellows and others who receive benefits need to email the benefits office (benefits@uw.edu) to alert them of the change.


The University has specific procedures that cover both the placing of travel reservations and the methods for reimbursement of expenses incurred while traveling.  Check with the Drama Administrator before making your plans for specifics pertaining to your situation.


Before you surplus any equipment, please see the main office. All inventory equipment requires special paperwork in order to surplus, and inventory equipment and computers must be accounted for in our department databases.

Please contact the main office before disposing of any equipment!


Purchases for the Department are handled by a variety of Staff members.  Please contact Main Desk if you need something purchased on your behalf.  Do not purchase anything without prior ok from authorized Staff.   The Budget # to be charged must be OK’d by Administrator or General Manager prior to purchase. 

Purchases of office supplies are batched to reduce paperwork. Please send email or call the front desk to request a specific item – and hopefully not at the last minute.

Getting to Know Your Surroundings in Drama


Hutchinson Hall (HUT) is the primary building in which the School of Drama is located.  The Main office is located in HUT 101, on the west end of the building.  Faculty and Staff offices are spread out throughout Hutchinson Hall, as well as the Hughes Penthouse Theatre and the Scene Shop. 


In Hutchinson Hall, there are bathroom at the following locations:

There are bathrooms intended for Faculty and Staff only in HUT 120B (Women) and HUT 121 (Men), in the corridor between HUT 101 and the Production Office. 

There are other rest rooms in Hutchinson Hall: 
HUT 151 (Women)
HUT 153 (Men)
HUT 216 (M/W)
Design Wing: There are Men’s and Women’s restrooms in the center of the Design Wing.  They are not labeled with room numbers.  

There is a shower for Staff, Student or Faculty use in each of the Design Studio restrooms.

Bike Storage

There is a bicycle rack on the West end of Hutchinson Hall.  Additional bike storage options are listed here: http://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/commuterservices/bike/parking

Smoking Area

Smoking is prohibited in all university facilities, including but not limited to the following locations:

  • inside all buildings owned or occupied by the university and/or used by the university's faculty, staff, or students;
  • University vehicles;
  • at any outside areas or locations, except those designated by the Director of EH&S or in WAC 478-136-035.

Smoking is allowed only at these limited designated sites determined by the Director of Environmental Health and Safety:


Keys can be obtained through the Front Desk.  Typically keys are needed for Hutchinson Hall, Room 122 (mailboxes), and your personal office (if one is assigned). 

Room Entry Codes
As needed, Faculty and Staff will receive Room Entry Code cards which allow entry to classrooms, labs and lounges.  These codes are changed each summer, and new cards are distributed when changed. 

Building hours

Posted building hours for the Hutchinson Hall are:
Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter hours: M-Th 8:00-7:00PM; F – 8:00-5:00PM; Sun – 1:00-5:00PM.
Summer Quarter hours – M-F – 8:00-5:00PM. Closed Sat & Sun.

Access After Building Hours

Students, Staff and Faculty can request key-card access via their Husky Card from the Main Desk (HUT 101) to be approved on an as-needed basis.

Vending Machines

There are soda vending machines in HUT 116 and in the hallway outside the Costume Shop (HUT 135).  For those more environmentally conscious, there are drinking fountains outside HUT 116, HUT 130, HUT 211, and in the Design Wing.  
There is a food vending machine in HUT 116.

Lost & Found

All found items should be turned into the Hut 101Front Desk.  All items are sent to Campus Lost & Found at end of each quarter.

Production Tickets

When tickets are available, Staff and Faculty can request two free tickets to any official School of Drama production.  Contact the external relations officer with specific production name, date/time of the performance, and number of tickets requested.

Deadline is 3:00PM of the day of performance.  If requesting at such short notice, contact those individuals directly rather than via email or voice mail.   


There are recycling receptacles for paper in most offices.  These are to be emptied by the user of the office, into recycling receptacles found inside each of the main entrances of Hutchinson Hall.
Recycling threesomes – Design Wing – HUT 155 and 163, Design Lounge;
Copy Room HUT 122, and by door to HUT 117.


The central office (HUT 101) maintains a supply of basic office supplies (including envelopes, pens, transparencies, folders, notebooks, etc.). These are available for use by staff, faculty, and TAs.  If you need supplies to be ordered or have questions on existing supplies, please contact Front Desk. 

Toner for the PhD laser (HUT 301) will be purchased once per year. PhD students will replace it at their expense otherwise.

Room Reservations

Individual classrooms are available for checkout online.  Both Students and Faculty are expected to check out a room if it is to be used outside of scheduled class time. 

Room request form


The Drama Library

There is a Drama Library in HUT 145.  This library is run by the University Libraries, and is staffed with people knowledgeable about all things Drama.  http://www.lib.washington.edu/Drama/default.html

The University of Washington Libraries offers many services and locations.  Visit their web site for more information.  http://www.lib.washington.edu/

Food on Campus

There are a number of options for food on campus, including Espresso, Express Markets, Restaurants and Street Food.  See http://www.hfs.washington.edu/dining/map/ for details.

Safeguard valuables 

There is an illusion of safety in our workplace, yet these are a large, public buildings and strangers are often in the hallways. Thefts in public areas, classrooms, offices and theatres can and do occur at any time.

Extra precautions should be taken to safeguard personal valuables (purses, handbags, billfolds, laptops, etc.) Do not leave them lying around! The areas in which you are working should be locked when you leave, even if you leave for just a few minutes. Alternatively, lock your valuables in a drawer or file cabinet.

If you bring in a laptop, be sure to secure it with a lock.

Observe and immediately report any strangers walking around in labs or offices who appear to be there without a reason or seem suspicious.
For EMERGENCIES, Call 9-1-1
For non-emergencies, call 206.685.UWPD (8973)

University Bookstore
The University Bookstore is located at 4326 University Way NE.


There is a small faculty/staff-only refrigerator in the mailroom (HUT 122), as well as a full refrigerator in the Design Wing Lounge for Design Students. 

UW Today

UW Today is the University's online publication, produced by the Office of News & Information. It is sent by email to all UW employees every Thursday, with news and features, Spotlight Stories, classifieds and community photos.

Getting Around On Campus 

Campus Maps


Visitors Information

The Visitor's Information Center offers information about the University, Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Travel brochures, lists of local events, and other information is available. The center is located at 4014 University Way NE, across from Schmitz Hall (8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday).

Directions to Various Campus Locations



For explanations of benefits that come with your employment, including Insurance, Retirement, Work & Life, Saving and Wellness, see the Benefits & Work/Life Website at

Everyone is paid on the 10th and 25th of each month. The paycheck received on the 10th is for the pay period consisting of the 16th of the previous month through the end of the previous month. The paycheck received on the 25th is for the pay period consisting of the first through the 15th. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Saturday, you will be paid on the preceding Friday. If the scheduled pay day falls on a Sunday, you will receive your paycheck on the following Monday. In the event that the payday falls on a holiday, you will be paid the day before the holiday.

Payroll Direct Deposit is the process in which your net pay is electronically deposited to the checking or savings account of your choice on payday.

Your funds should become available in your bank account on payday. If not, please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.

Online Direct Deposit

Set up through Workday.

Recreational activities 

There is a variety of recreational facilities (pools, racquetball courts, gymnasiums, weight training rooms, tennis courts) available to faculty, students, and staff members. Information regarding facilities and programs can be obtained at the IMA Building.

Operating hours for the facilities vary. You can check to find out the current hours by calling 3-4590. Other phone numbers are listed in the Directory under Recreational Sports Programs. Membership in the IMA is free to students and is available to staff members for an annual or quarterly fee (staff ID cards must be shown at purchase). Guests can use the facility if accompanied by a member. More at http://depts.washington.edu/ima/

Temporary Faculty Housing

The University of Washington has a "Visiting Faculty Housing Service," which helps new and visiting faculty to find temporary housing in the Seattle area. The service is free; the office is staffed by volunteers (members of the Faculty Auxiliary). You may e-mail the service directly at vfhs@uw.edu and they will return to you, by e-mail, a housing request form. The service will then match a list of housing available with your request for housing.

Childcare at UW

If you work at UW and have a child, you have a variety of support options available to you.  Please see http://www.washington.edu/admin/hr/benefits/worklife/childcare/index.html for more information.

Federal and State Workplace Employee Rights Posters

Federal and State compliance posters are available at the University of Washington to ensure that you have an access to information about your rights under the law.

UW Human Resources and the UW Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action have partnered to improve the University's practices for the display of federal and state required poster, and have designated nine public poster display locations where all required compliance posters are physically displayed.

Employees may also access the most up-to-date electronic versions of compliance posters at any time by viewing the Poster Page for Employees:



Health And Safety 

The School of Drama has emergency plans for most potential issues. 
Safety and Health Plan

On-the-job injuries

Any accident, injury, or work-related illness, or on-the-job incident which could have caused an injury or illness, must be reported to the employee's supervisor and the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). This reporting ensures that comprehensive records are maintained, legal requirements are met, and corrective action is initiated to prevent future incidents.
All occurrences should be recorded by preparing and submitting EH&S's Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) form within 24 hours following the accident.

Complaint Resolution

The University of Washington encourages prompt resolution of complaints about the behavior of its employees, as referenced in UW Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 46.3. You may seek resolution assistance regarding behaviors that include but are not restricted to:

  • Harassing, discriminatory or threatening behavior,
  • Violation of University policy, or
  • Mistreatment of members of the public.

Complaint Resolution