Invest in an Actor 2018

Left to right: Allen Miller III, Tamsen Glaser, Bria Henderson, Porscha Shaw, Bridget McKevitt, André G. Brown. Photo by Danielle Barnum. 




Invest in an Actor Helps Fund the Showcase and Career Development Tour in Seattle, Los Angeles, & New York

Our graduating actors tackle a lot of challenges during their third year. One of the biggest is developing a showcase designed specifically for agents and casting directors in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. Each actor’s three years of training and experience must be distilled down to a three-minute performance that will capture the attention of industry gatekeepers. The showcase often provides them with their first opportunity to show the wider world what they’ve got. In this definitive, high-stakes moment, it means so much for our actors to know that you, our Invest in an Actor supporters, have their backs and are rooting for them to go out there and shine.

Our Actors are Entrepreneurs

They start businesses, take risks, and make bold leaps in the name of theatre. Acting, like any start-up business, needs investors. 

The School of Drama has trained professional actors for over 40 years, equipping them with the skills, tools, and sensibilities to be outstanding theatre artists. Our Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) is at the forefront of theatre practice around the country. After three years of study, our students leave with an MFA in acting and the ability to work comfortably and effectively in all forms of media.
The Invest in an Actor program enables our students to participate in the Showcase Audition Tour. Your investment helps cover the costs of food, housing, transportation, resumes, headshots, film reels, promotional materials, and performance space fees.

Join us in launching the careers of our next generation of theatre artists – Invest in an Actor.

Contribution Levels 

Partner: $4,500 and above
Your investment funds one actor’s total costs for the Showcase Tour.
Your Benefits: Four season subscriptions to the 2018/2019 season, four priority seats to the Seattle Showcase.

Sponsor: $2,500 - $4,499
Your investment helps cover cost of food, housing, & transportation.
Your Benefits: Two season subscriptions to the 2018/2019 season, two priority seats to the Seattle Showcase.

Contributor: $500 - $2,499
Your investment helps defray costs of headshots and rehearsal and performance space.
Your Benefits: Four tickets to a show of your choice.

Supporter: $25 - $499
Your investment helps defray costs for actors’ resumes and design/printing of Showcase programs.
Your Benefits: Two tickets to a show of your choice.




Photo by Danielle Barnum