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DRAMA 317 A: Introduction to Costume Construction

Summer Term: 
Meeting Time: 
MW 8:30am - 11:50am
HUT 135
Deborah Skorstad
Deborah Skorstad

Syllabus Description:

Drama 317 Summer 2023

CosPlay Intensive

Construction techniques applicable to theatrical costuming, fashion design and textile arts. Lecture, demonstration and practical lab.  Student will be graded on class participation and completion of project.

Class 1:                  Wed June 21                                                                                         10%

Students should come prepared with character or garment design and research. NOTE: Research must be printed or drawn on paper! You can collect on line research but must have a printed hard copy.


Students will thread machines, wind bobbin, change needle, change stitch length, reverse, back stitch.  Video Demo Link

Pressing Demo


Sewing Machine hand outs


Rules for using the sewing machine.pdf

Stitching Exercise

Spiral Sewing Template.jpg

Square Sewing Template.jpg

Basic Seam Allowance Demo


 Class 2:             Mon June 26                                                                                                10%

Students should come prepared with detailed research, fabric or fabrication supplies. GunDam Girl sketches.JPG

Discuss modifying commercial patterns, drafting patterns and draping patterns.

Review use of sewing machines, seam techniques and vocabulary.

Mock Ups begin

 Class 3:   Wed June 28

Fabric Layout Demo                       10

Work in shop


Class 4:       Wed  July 5

Serger Demo, Seam Finish Demo, Hem and Casing Demo, stretch demo     10%

Work in shop 


 Class 5:  Mon  July 10

                Demo TBD                                                                                           10%

                Fittings and check in.

               Work in shop . Project to be well under way


 Class 6:   Wed July 12

                 Demo TBD

 Vocabulary review                                                                             10%

 Work in shop 

 Class 7:     Mon July 17

                Demo    TBD                                                                                          10%            

                Work in shop. Project should be well on it’s way to completion 

 Class 8:    Wed July 19

                Projects Completed                                                                             30%

                Class show and tell/modeling or display

Cosplay Intensive: Build your Anime Character
Deborah Skorstad is offering an intensive costume construction class through the UW Summer quarter A-term (June 21- July 19, 2023. Class will focus on design, research and fabrication. The student will learn how to use
professional shop equipment, machine and hand sewing techniques and will be expected to complete a wearable costume. The aim of this class is to support the participant in fabricating their character. Class is intended
for Anime enthusiasts, costume professionals, reenactors, fiber artists, design students and makers. Students can learn basic sewing skills or take their current skills to the next level. Lecture and demonstrations will be Monday and Wednesday 8:30am to 11:50am in the UW costume shop, with 10-15 hours of homework each week. Instructor will be available for hands-on project help by arrangement.

For more information, go to the UW website at https://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/SUM2022/drama.html
or Contact Deborah at drs4@uw.edu

Catalog Description: 
Introduction to clothing construction techniques applicable to theatrical costumes, fashion design, and textile arts. Includes lectures, demonstrations, and practice lab.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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