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PhD Program

Name Degree Class Year
Al-Saber, Samer Ph.D.; now at Stanford 2013
Anderson, Lisa Ph.D.; now at Arizona State University 1995
Barnett, Dennis Ph.D.; now at Coe College 1998
Browne, Jyana PhD Program, now at University of Maryland 2017
Canning, Charlotte Ph.D.; now at University of Texas at Austin 1991
Cheek O'Donnell, Sydney Ph.D.; now at University of Utah 2004
Chemers, Michael Ph.D.; now at UC Santa Cruz 2001
Coen, Elizabeth PhD 2016
Donkin, Ellen Ph.D.; now at Hampshire College 1982
Douthit, Lue Ph.D.; now Director of Literary Dev. & Dramaturgy, Oregon Shakespeare Festival 1995
Finque, Susan PhD Program 2017
Goodson, Christopher Cornish College of the Arts 2017
Granshaw, Michelle Ph.D.; now at University of Pittsburgh 2012
Higgins, Jeanmarie Ph.D.; now at Penn State School of Theatre 2011
Holland, Dorothy Ph.D.; now at University of Richmond 1999
Hutchison, Jacob PhD Program 2018
Jackson-Schebetta, Lisa Ph.D.; now at Skidmore College 2010
Johnson, Katie Ph.D.; now at Miami University 1996
Jones Cavanaugh, Jennifer Ph.D.; now at Rollins College 1995
Kammer, Mimi PhD; now at Simpson College 2011
Karlidag, Bahar PhD Program 2017
Lutterbie, John PhD program, Chair of Theatre Arts, Stony Brook University 1983
Marsh, Sarah PhD Program 2017
May, Theresa Ph.D.; now at University of Oregon 2000
Polster, Joshua Ph.D.; now at Emerson College 2006
Read, Alan PhD Program, now at King's College London 1989
Reilly, Kara Ph.D.; now at University of Exeter, UK 2006
Russell, Susan Ph.D.; now at Gettysburg College 1993
Seifert, Kristin PhD Program 2019
Sieg, Katrin Ph.D.; now at Georgetown University 1991
Smith, Terry Donovan Ph.D.; now at California State University, San Bernardino 1996
Sullivan, Esther Beth Ph.D.; now at Alaska Pacific University 1989
Underiner, Tamara Ph.D.; now at Arizona State University 1997
Warner, Vessela Ph.D; now at University of Alabama at Birmingham 2002
Warrick, John Ph.D., now at North Central College 2006
Wilcox, Dean Ph.D.; now at University of North Carolina School of the Arts 1994