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Joshua Legate (He/Him)

Lighting, Projection and Scenic Designer
MFA, Lighting Design
Class of 2021
Johs Legate

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M.A., Theatre Studies, Binghamton State University of New York
B.A., Drama, University of Montana
A.A., Communications, Flathead Valley Community College

Joshua was raised up in big sky country by two parents who were active in the local theatre scene. So active to a point that after Joshua was born, he still had to wait a little bit to go home upon being discharged from the hospital because his parents had rehearsal. After receiving his bachelors in drama from The University of Montana, Joshua ventured out into the great wide world by heading straight to New York where he found his love for lighting design, scenic design, projection design, dance, opera, and theatre for social change. Soon after he discovered his passion for teaching which led him to enjoy brief stints as an educator at Central Washington University, Colorado State University, and The Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. This love of teaching is what eventually brought Joshua to The University of Washington to pursue his MFA in Design. When Josh isn’t designing, or working on homework, he's typically found dedicating his time as a board member to Blue Moon Over Seattle, or intentionally getting lost somewhere in the woods with his dog, Penelope.


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