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Canceled: Stranded, a new film

Friday, June 4, 2021 to Monday, June 7, 2021
Online - Google Map
$14 - $20

Unfortunately, due to a number of COVID-related delays and setbacks, we have had to cancel Stranded. Fortunately, enough of the process was able to happen for our students to realize valuable learning outcomes, despite not yielding a product that can be shared publicly.

We hope you will join us for an upcoming event: A new play reading of undergraduate Darby Sherwood's Zurich to Petersburg. Please check our event listings for more details as dates are finalized.

In a first-of-its-kind film project for UW Drama, four writers are creating five short screenplays based on themes present in Homer's The Odyssey, James Joyce's Ulysses, and our present-day lives: longing, missing and being missed, being stranded, and trying to get your message across through time and space. UW Drama faculty member Jeffrey Fracé directs a cast of graduate actors in this brand new film. The writers are Zahra Al Zuwayed, a creative writing graduate student in UW's Department of English, Eun Hye Kim, a 2019 UW graduate who recently published the book Yellow Boxes, Claire Fort, an 2016 alum of the PATP (MFA acting), and Darby Sherwood, a current UW Drama undergraduate.

By Zahra Al Zuwayed, Eun Hye Kim, Claire Fort, and Darby Sherwood
Directed by Jeffrey Fracé (UW Drama faculty member)
June, 2021

This film will be presented online. Single ticket holders and All-Access Pass Members will be emailed the link to access the film. This film will be available for on-demand streaming for two weeks in June, 2021.


Nick Bryant 2nd-year MFA actor
Gretchen Hahn 2nd-year MFA actor
Asialani Holman 3rd-year MFA actor
Erica Matthews 3rd-year MFA actor
Antonio Mitchell 2nd-year MFA actor
Koo Park 2nd-year MFA actor
Andrés Rodriguez 3rd-year MFA actor
Jason Treviño 3rd-year MFA actor
Erika Vetter 3rd-year MFA actor
Amber Walker 2nd-year MFA actor
Creative Team: 
Production Designer Joshua Legate 3rd-year MFA designer
Costume Designer Martin Sanchez 3rd-year MFA designer
Director of Photography/Unit Production Manager Jacob Arthur Sunday
Stage Manager Emily Smith undergraduate Drama major