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DRAMA 454 A: Projects in Acting

Meeting Time: 
MW 11:30am - 1:20pm
HUT 303
Kelly Kitchens

Syllabus Description:

The focus in the course is on auditioning for theatre; in this course students will work
with material from scripts for the stage applied in a variety of possible audition
situations. Students will research, select, prepare, and perform monologues; students
will be given material for ‘cold-readings’ and prepared ‘callbacks’ auditions. In
addition, mock auditions before a panel of local professionals will be arranged.
Important course learning outcomes include the ability to hold a strong focus of
attention within a fictional reality as well as to identify and negotiate dramatic action
within the text. The course will offer each student the opportunity to explore and to
practice his/her/their creative potential and to develop the tools and skills necessary for auditioning. As in any acting class, there will be an emphasis on gaining greater access to and practical application of the artist’s imagination and instincts.

The objectives of this course include:

  • To explore and develop basic skills necessary for auditioning for theatre
  • To explore a range of dramatic material in order to heighten student
    understanding of the components of powerful and appropriate audition material
  • To explore approaches to and practice with a variety of audition scenarios
  • To practice synthesizing text analysis with actor instincts to create an authentic
    and dynamic audition
  • To learn basic audition etiquette and attire
  • To build a repertoire of four contrasting monologues to use for future general

    The focus in this class will be on:

    1. Cultivating an attitude of professional creative integrity and humility – supporting
    and challenging each actor to develop a healthy creative work ethic and
    mentality, one that will sustain him/her/them in this profession, regardless of
    external conditions.
    2. Developing a positive, constructive, non-judgmental perspective about one’s
    own work and journey: specific self-evaluation, with clarity of purpose and
    3. Committing fully to a daily practice: homework - and the self-sufficiency,
    confidence, AND FREEDOM that evolves when one is prepared and ready to
    play and work.

    Catalog Description: 
    Rehearsal and classroom performance of dramatic literature of various periods and styles. Prerequisite: DRAMA 251.
    GE Requirements: 
    Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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