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DRAMA 451 A: Advanced Acting - Production Workshop

Meeting Time: 
MW 3:00pm - 5:00pm
HUT 205
Elizabeth Heffron

Syllabus Description:

Capturing the Human – Solo Performance in an Unpredictable World


“Language is a physical act – something that

involves yr whole bod.

Write with yr whole bod.

Read with yr whole bod.

Wake up.”

                                    Suzan-Lori Parks


This performative class will collectively choose a question of human experience that resonates right now.  Students will individually research and explore primary sources, and personal experience to write and develop 5-minute solo performance pieces centered around the theme.  We will generate work based on improvisation, writing prompts, and the manipulation of found text, as well as explore a range of storytelling vessels solo artists have used to hold both their stories and their audiences.

Focusing on techniques developed by the Tectonic Theatre Project, students will discover both the theatrical and character/dramatic narratives that run through their work.  We will also take advantage of the collected wisdom of devisers such as Anne Bogart, Twyla Tharp and others as we build short pieces of theater that are what Jose Rivera calls ‘recipes for understanding.’

This class culminates in a public showing of the work.

Prerequisite: DRAMA 251

Catalog Description: 
Improvisation skills. Methodology employed develops one five-minute solo work, using either original or adaptations of non-dramatic texts. Culminates in public showings of the five-minute one-person works.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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