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DRAMA 316 A: Theatrical Makeup

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TTh 10:50am - 1:00pm
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 June 22   Introduction, explain policies and supplies list, discuss colors,

                         This is a zoom meeting.


June 24    Corrective Assignment. Must have materials.

June 29   Old age Assignment. Demonstration video recording will be uploaded to panopto on canvas by 10 am on day of class.   Completed photograph should be uploaded to canvas within 5 days.

July 1        Trauma  Assignment. Demonstration video will be up loaded to Panopto by 10 am on day of class. Completed photograph should be uploaded to canvas with in 5 days.           

July 6       Chinese Opera Dan  Character Assignment . Demonstration video will be uploaded by 10 am on day of assignment. Paper worksheet also attached on class canvas home page. Completed photograph should be uploaded to canvas with in 5 days.

July 8       Animal /Fantasy Assignment. There is no demonstration video recording for this assignment.  You should work on your own. Choose a project that you are interested in. Plan your materials. This should be a complete design, so suggest a head covering or partial costume to compliment your make up.  Remember I only see from the waist up, so no need to show me lower costume design unless you have the whole costume designed. Then include a photograph of full body as well as one of the make-up. This project also requires a completed paper work sheet.  Download from canvas home page.  Completed photograph(s) should be uploaded to canvas with in 5 days.

July 13    Historical Assignment part 1. This is a written assignment to be uploaded to canvas with in 5 days.  Choose a historical style of make-up and write about it. Research products or materials used, sociological  aspect, application techniques, cultural environment, and anything else you find interesting. Answer the questions “Why did these people wear make-up, and what did they use?”

July 15     Historical Assignment part 2. Apply the historical make up you researched using the materials in your kit and any other supplies you may have added.  Try to duplicate the look exactly, and consider hair or head covering.  Add a suggestion of costume or clothing if appropriate.       

Catalog Description: 
Basic principles, with intensive practice in application of makeup for use on proscenium and arena stages.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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