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Facilities - Student Handbook

It is essential that every member of the faculty, staff and student body of the School of Drama show concern and responsibility for maintaining our facilities. All members of the SoD community are expected to report any safety violations and/or observed damage to buildings and equipment to either the Administrative office or the Production office. This means tell us when a light is burned out or if anything gets broken!


Please remember to keep the building safe and nice looking not only for daily users, but for the general public as well. With UTS productions, directing projects and various other shows, we have many people coming to Hutchinson to see your work. We want the general public to feel safe, comfortable and to have a good impression of our facilities.

Custodial services are limited, due to budget cuts, throughout the University.

Routine services provided are trash removal, floor sweeping, spot mopping, spot vacuuming. They will usually clean the chalkboards and whiteboards, and replenish chalk or markers. They sweep stairwells, sanitize restrooms, collect recycling, and lock and unlock the building entry doors.

Other services are non-existent or are done at a cost to the School. Custodial Services do not dust window sills, desks, computer screens, etc. You can help us make our spaces more pleasant for all of us by observing some guidelines:


  • No open drink containers in carpeted areas. If you spill something, please wipe it up immediately.
  • Throw your own trash away properly, recycling when possible. There are recycling containers in various places throughout Hutchinson Hall. Please recycle the appropriate items in their respective containers ‑ no garbage with the recyclables, etc.
  • Don't put your feet up on furniture or against the walls.
  • Do not move furniture/rehearsal blocks/props/flats/door frames to another rehearsal room. You may only use what is in the room you're using!
  • Wear white-soled gym shoes in HUT 201, 202 and 208.
  • Return rooms HUT 150, 154, 211 to the posted classroom layout after you are finished rehearsing. Don't leave any props or costume pieces in a room.
  • Take care of the floors, don’t drag furniture, please.
  • When using rooms that have technical equipment (HUT 130, 201, 205, 218), take special care with security ‑ closing doors and windows. Do not change lighting plot without checking.
  • If you don't know how equipment works, please ask. Never use pins or tape on velour drapes or masking tape on wooden floors.
  • Students dressing for performances or classes presented in Hutchinson Hall should use the design wing restrooms rooms to change, if possible.
  • If something breaks or doesn't work, let us know so it can be repaired. What we don't know about, we can't fix!


Please refer to this site ( for complete descriptions of our facilities. 

  • Hutchinson Hall ‑ The central School of Drama facility is a neo-Gothic stone building which houses the departmental offices, classrooms and rehearsal/studio spaces, the School of Drama Library with an extensive collection of dramatic literature and theatre research material, the Costume Shop as well as storage and performance space.
  • Drama Scene Shop ‑ 3941 University Way NE; houses the Scene Shop technical staff, and the paint and carpentry shops for all classes and productions.
  • Jones Playhouse ‑ Thrust stage theatre. Seating capacity: 180/208 - 4045 University Way N.E.
  • Meany Hall ‑ the University's Performing Arts Center. The School of Drama produces in the Meany Studio Theatre, an endstage configuration. Visiting artists, joint Drama and Music opera productions, and occasional Drama productions are presented in the large proscenium theatre. Seating capacities: 1200 (Meany); 234 (Studio Theatre)
  • The Glenn Hughes Penthouse ‑ Arena or "in the round" theatre. It was the first of its kind built in the U.S. and has a national reputation. It was moved in June 1991 to its present location, north of Hutchinson Hall, and re‑opened in April 1992 after undergoing renovation. Seating capacity: 160
  • ArtsUW Ticket Office – 1313 NE 41st Street – (in the dorm just west of the Jones Playhouse) tickets to all University Arts Productions, including Drama, are sold here. The phone number is (206) 543-4880.


This space (Hutchinson 205) serves a variety of functions. Weekdays until 5:00pm, it is a classroom space. Later in the evening, it is an Undergraduate Performance Space equipped with lighting and sound systems, drapes, and seating. We invite undergraduates to generate projects for this space ‑ play readings, plays, musical performances, improvisations, etc.‑ and produce the projects themselves. You must prepare a written proposal including dates, title, cast size, scale of production, audience/number, royalties/number and present it to either the BA Council or UTS Board in the quarter prior to proposed production. There is a student supervisor who will schedule the room and instruct users in operating the equipment and the basic rules in use of the space. See Administrative Policy Memo No. 3 for more information. Use only what is in the space or what you bring yourself for props. You may not use flats, boxes, etc. from other rooms in Hutchinson. After using the space, clean up after yourselves and remove any prop or costume items you have brought into the space.

One last thing ‑ you don't have to use this space only for productions. If you want to get together with a group and work on scenes or technique, feel free to do so.