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Resources available to the Students


The Costume Shop makes some of its stock available for student use.

For all class work, workshops, and projects –
The hours for checking out and returning costumes are posted on the door of the costume shop in Hutchinson 135. They change each quarter. The stock employee is also listed on that posting. If you come during those hours someone will be available to work with you. It’s that easy. If you cannot come during those hours, you can make an appointment directly with the employee by email.

Some Limitations:
Most of the items in costume storage are available for student use. Class work should be thought of as being performed in rehearsal clothing with a significant costume piece or element to enhance the work, rather than a fully costumed event. Student projects or productions that are under agreement with the School of Drama are considered “outside theaters.” They are under the same borrowing arrangement as for those organizations.

All items must be returned cleaned and in the condition they were borrowed in. If an item is damaged or broken during your use, there will be a replacement fee. It’s like a library book.

Certain things are off limits to everyone. They include anything marked “not for check out, or main stage use only,” make up, facial hair and human hair wigs, period hats boots, and shoes, pocket watches and wedding rings, and leather clothing.

 Every item must be returned by the last day of classes each quarter. Failure to return an item will limit your access to the stock in the future, grades will be held, and a replacement fee assessed.


There are many computers available for students to check their email and register online. These are located in the lounges, Library, the theatres and shops. Additional UW PCs are available in UW Libraries and computer centers.


The School has some hourly positions available ‑ most through Work Study, but there are some "straight" hourly positions. Students eligible for the Work Study Program may apply for various positions within the School of Drama, which are listed through the Work Study office in 172 Schmitz. See the bulletin boards outside HUT 208 for other non‑Work Study positions available. Positions may be available in House Management, the Scene Shop (carpentry, electrical, painting, and design assistance), and the Costume Shop (sewing, cutting and draping, and wardrobe maintenance). The Drama office occasionally will have clerical (or other) positions available during the year. 


There is a free phone located in the student Lounge (Hut 116) for local calls.

The School of Drama has a fax machine for use of faculty and staff. If you want to send us a fax, the number is (206) 543‑8512. If you wish to use the machine to send a fax, please consult with one of the office staff. There is also a fax machine in the Scene Shop at (206)543-0762.


Undergraduates may earn academic credit for internships with regional theatres, community organizations, et al. For more information see the undergraduate adviser, or the advising web site.


The School of Drama does not hold an insurance policy on its students. Because of the ever‑present danger of accidents when working in the theaters or on hard classroom floors, students are strongly advised to obtain their own coverage.

Graduate students who hold assistantships are eligible to have their health insurance paid by the University during the quarter(s) of their appointment. For information, contact the grad programs advisor.


The School communicates heavily by email. Important information about auditions, Majors Seminar sessions, career workshops, entry codes for classes, preview performances, etc., is sent out via to the BA listserv. If you have any questions or problems, contact the drama adviser, HUT 129. 


It has computer terminals with which to check your email as well as tables, chairs, vending machines and other equipment. Please try to keep the noise level down as there are classrooms nearby and the building has a tunnel effect and noise carries. There is also a phone in the Lounge which can be used for off-campus local, as well as on-campus calls. (Five minute limit.)


Graduate student mail boxes are in the hallway by the production office. Please check them frequently. Phone messages (which are not LIFE AND DEATH matters) are left here for you. Mailboxes for stage managers of main stage shows are located in the production office. Outgoing campus mail may be left in the area near the main doors in 101.


Printers are available all over campus, including in the Drama Library. Use your Husky Card to pay for copies. Ask at the Drama Library for more info. The office copier is NOT available for student use.

You will also find machines in campus libraries and the Husky Union Building and there are many businesses off‑campus.


Previews are usually on the Saturday and Tuesday prior to opening night of each show. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door on the night of the performance (if available).


Marketing for the School concentrates on main stage productions. The budget for these activities is extremely small and doesn't allow for as much marketing and publicity as any of us would like. We must always look for what will directly reach the most people for the least amount of money. The Seattle Times has a policy of not reviewing student productions.


The Career and Internship Center (134 Mary Gates Hall)  provides free counseling on topics such as resumés, internships, job searching and interviewing.  See more at:


Full‑time undergraduate majors may apply in early Spring for School of Drama scholarship awards. Awards can range from $100 to three paid quarters of resident tuition (BAs), and recipients are selected by a faculty committee on the basis of demonstrated merit and talent. Please check the BA and grad email listservs during winter quarter for specific information and application procedures. Applications usually are due mid-March for consideration for the next year's awards. 

Scholarships offered through the School of Drama:

Frank and Martha Ackerman Scholarship-  awarded based on financial need.

John Conway Memorial Scholarship‑ given to a Design or technical theatre student.

James R. Crider Undergraduate Fund for Costume Design- given to a promising designer and builder of costumes.

Donal Harrington Memorial Scholarship- awarded to a WA state resident in acting, directing or entrepreneurship.

The Holliday Family Scholarship- given to an undergraduate.

Glenn Hughes Memorial Scholarship ‑ given to a BA drama student.

Lyle and Liz Martin Humanitarian Student Award

Michael Quinn Writing Prize - given to a drama student for excellence in writing; selected by Ph.D. faculty.

Shelley and Phil Schermer Endowed Scholarship- given to a student in the technical or design program,.

School of Drama Scholarship ‑ given to BA drama student(s).

Jenna Ulrich Memorial Award

Meri Wada Award - given to a BA drama costuming student.

Additional information on University scholarships may be obtained from the Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards, 171 Mary Gates Hall, e-mail: and from the UW Student Financial Aid Office, 105 Schmitz Hall. Be aware that the deadline to submit the FAFSA is January 15.  


Honors scholarships, Research Training grants, Leadership grants and Venture fellowships are available for undergraduates via the Mary Gates Endowment. For more information see:  Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards


The Drama Library has a listing of Northwest area theatres, available on the web at:


TPS is a service organization whose purpose is to strengthen the theater community and its ties with professionals. Members receive activity discounts and advanced notification to general regional auditions, conferences and other special functions produced by TPS. Their web site is:


U-PASS partners with ORCA to include the region’s transit smart chip inside your Husky Card to power U-PASS transit benefits.

Because the U-PASS transit benefit is powered by the ORCA technology inside the card, all students who want to participate in U-PASS will need to have a Husky Card.

Get your Husky Card - Information on getting your husky card is here.