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Chih-Hung Shao

MFA Lighting Design
Class of 2021
Chih-Hung Shao


Chih-Hung was born and raised in Taiwan, and began a new chapter of his life in Seattle when he got the offer from School of Drama, UW in 2018.  He developed his love and tear of theatre little by little after he accidentally put Theatre Arts on his college applying list. He started working as a stage manager first and extended his passion to lighting while working with talented designers. The love of these two positions is to control the uncontrollable, and find the possibility in impossibility. The most recent exciting moment was being able to observe pure moonlight without any urban light pollution while he was camping with his roommates. In the third/last year in this design program, he really appreciates late nights plotting lights in the studio and early mornings cueing shows in theatres which made him grow and understood there’s still so much to learn and explore!     

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