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Maeve Riley (She/Her/Hers)

PhD in Theatre History and Performance Studies
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Thursdays 10-11AM in CDH 622, or by appointment on Zoom


B.A., Drama & Theatre Studies, Elon University, 2020
B.A., English Literature, Elon University, 2020
M.A., Drama & Performance Studies, University College Dublin, 2021

Maeve Riley is a first-year PhD student in Theatre History and Performance Studies at the University of Washington. She holds BAs in Drama & Theatre Studies and English Literature at Elon University, as well as an MA in Drama & Performance Studies at the University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Her research interests are primarily located in Ireland during the 20th and 21st centuries, and pertain to the intersections between theatre/ performance and politics, engaging critical theory in feminist, postcolonial, and Marxist studies. Her secondary interests include critical theory, dramaturgy, directing, and performance studies. Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, Maeve worked as an adjunct lecturer in English Literature and Drama at Wagner College and CUNY in New York City, as well as tutored students from her own tutoring company, Clever Owl Tutoring. She has worked as an assistant literary manager at Corkscrew Theatre Festival in NYC, a festival devoted to providing production opportunities to diverse playwrights. She is also the proud cofounder of a theatre podcast, The Systemic Stage, where she and her cohost interview theatre experts, scholars, and artists who are working to fight the systemic issues within our industry.