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DRAMA 101 A: Introduction To The Theatre

Meeting Time: 
MWF 12:30pm - 1:20pm
KNE 210
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Christopher Goodson

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Introduction to Theatre is a course primarily designed for students who are interested in theatre and performance but do not necessarily have prior experience with the art form. In reading and analyzing plays and productions we will explore how the theatre has come to both shape and reflect moments in the history of Western Europe and the United States. In this course you will also learn through doing by integrating concepts and practices from the theatre into your own work. Students will read plays, attend plays, write about plays, perform an acting scene, and collaborate on a final project that integrates the key concepts from the course

Catalog Description: 
The theatre as an art form with emphasis on the play in production. The role of the various theatre artists: actors, directors, designers, and playwrights. Required attendance at one or more performances. Lecture and discussion groups. For nonmajors. Offered: AWSp.
GE Requirements: 
Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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