DRAMA 353 A: Intermediate Acting - Physical Acting

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MTWTh 9:00am - 10:40am
HUT 202
Jeffrey Frace
Jeffrey Fracé

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Physical Comedy, Melodrama, and Vaudeville

This three-week intensive acting course will give you new tools and insights into playing characters and telling physicalized stories by drawing from historical entertainment forms. Lively games, exercises, and short scenes will both hone your skills and offer new perspectives on the relationship of the actor and the audience. Suitable for actors and directors of any level, this is a fun and practical acting workshop in which you also learn where modern acting styles came from.

No prereqs for this class, please email emboyle@uw.edu for entry code if you have trouble registering.

Professor Jeffrey Fracé is a veteran performer with more than 70 professional acting credits. He studied acting with master teachers Philippe Gaulier, Anne Bogart, and Andre Serban.


Catalog Description: 
Movement based approaches to the acting process. Suzuki, Viewpoints or other systems that focus on actor's body, space and time, and the creation of effective drama through physicality. Prerequisite: DRAMA 251.
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Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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