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Maple & Vine Lobby Talk: The Push for Pastness

Sunday, January 29, 2017 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm
Professor Scott Magelssen

School of Drama Professor Scott Magelssen will give a brief but rich pre-show talk entitled "The Push for Pastness."

Scott’s work examines the ways tourism, businesses, and the military use live simulation and performance to create and reinforce meaning for participants. He is an internationally-renowned expert in simulated history and the people who participate in it, from re-enactment hobbyists to museum professionals creating immersive historical environments to folks choosing to simulate lifestyles of eras past in their daily lives. He will discuss the power of nostalgia and the commodification of the past as they relate to the play Maple and Vine (don’t worry: there will be no spoilers!)

Join us at 1:00 PM on Sunday, January 29th in the lobby of the Jones Playhouse Theatre for this free lobby talk prior to the 2:00 PM matinee performance of "Maple & Vine". Don't have your tickets to the matinee yet? Click here to buy tickets.

Learn more about Professor Magelssen and his work here.