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"Brooklyn Bridge" set designed by Matthew Smucker (MFA '02).

Aaron Jackson (MFA '10) is currently the set designer for Rizzoli & Isles (TNT), and Tristan Dalley (MFA '02)is the art director.

Professor Valerie Curtis-Newton (MFA '96) was named one of the 20 most talented people in Seattle by Seattle Magazine.

Brooklyn Bridge, our co-production with Seattle Children's Theatre, has been...

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A costume sketch by Norah Tullman, MFA '01.

A Muse of Fire highlights the amazing work of MFA lighting, costume, and scenic design alumni and students from the School of Drama. A number of the objects and images in the exhibit were crowdsourced from alumni. The exhibit will also include costumes and other items from the School of Drama Costume Shop. Drama librarian Angela Weaver serves as curator of the exhibition.

The exhibit runs April 1 through May 11 at theOdegaard Undergraduate Library

People Sitting in Darkness

Presented in collaboration with Azeotrope.

In this comic adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in the early 20th-century Philippines, a small town prepares to stage a performance for their American occupiers. Their play, based on an American novel about a young boy and an escaped slave rafting down the Mississippi, will either earn the townspeople their freedom—or more trouble from the US military. 

The School of Drama New Play Workshop series is a...

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The Andrew A. Mellon Foundation has awarded the University of Washington a three-year $750,000 grant to pilot a new Creative Fellowships Initiative that will explore the nature of creative research at a top public research university. The interdisciplinary initiative will advance the field of performing arts by supporting artists in the development of new work and by integrating the performing arts disciplines into the broader curriculum.

"We see these research-directed creative residencies as a way forward, both to serve our fields...

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Allen Miller, Skye Edwards, & Bridget McKevitt in 'The Walk Across America for Mother Earth' (Photo: Mike Hipple)

The Daily of the University of Washington recently profiled The Walk Across America for Mother Earth, our co-production with Washington Ensemble Theatre. The piece specifically highlights our efforts to build bridges to the regional theatre community by partnering with theatre companies that grew out of our program:

After talking with some of the actors, they seemed to be in agreement that this play would not have been possible without the collaboration with WET. The opportunity to work with such innovative industry professionals...

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The design work of Mairi Chisholm for "Sleepy Hollow." Photo credit: Michael Lavine/FOX.

School of Drama senior David Borning’s design team was awarded first place in the 2016 Walt Disney Imagineering Imaginations Design Competition.

Carl Kennedy (PATP '10) received rave reviews for his work in Common Grace at Vancouver's Pacific Theatre.

Mia Tagano (PATP '97) plays...

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Sarah Nash Gates

With the approval of UW President Ana Mari Cauce and College of Arts & Sciences Dean Bob Stacey, the School of Drama is pleased to share with our friends, supporters, and alumni that the Design Wing of Hutchinson Hall will now be known as the Sarah Nash Gates Design Wing.

Sarah started at the School of Drama as a professor in costume design before becoming executive director in 1994—a position she would hold for 20 years before retiring in 2014.

Overseeing the renovation of the Hutchinson Hall design wing was just one of Sarah's many...

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This is a story of love, loss, and the struggle between the two. George is a linguist morbidly obsessed with documenting dying languages. But his obsession gets in the way of keeping those closest to him from sharing their love with him. Even his assistant, who shares his interest in language, struggles to find the right means to communicate with him. Mix in the old couple that everyone knows but doesn't, happening of fate, and sprinkle it with various languages to help find out whether or not they can find the right words to keep the language of love alive.

The Language...

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Brooklyn Bridge

A co-production with Seattle Children's Theatre.

This inventive and humorous drama celebrates the making of things—research papers, bridges, community. When fifth-grade latch-key child Sasha can’t find a pen to write the due-tomorrow report on the Brooklyn Bridge she is struggling to complete, she works up the courage to break her mother’s rules and venture out of their apartment for help. There, in view of the magnificent bridge, she discovers a diverse collection of neighbors, each special in their own way but alike in their deep good-heartedness. Sasha learns...

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Allen Miller, Skye Edwards, & Bridget McKevitt in 'The Walk Across America for Mother Earth' (Photo: Mike Hipple)

Presented in collaboration with Washington Ensemble Theatre.

Political activism meets bedazzled drag show in this story about two young friends who flee their suburban upbringing in "Real America" to join a ragtag group of activists on a protest march from D.C. to Nevada. On the road, the group attempts to establish a nomadic utopia, but the marchers continually find themselves divided by unrequited affections, indecision, and a secret hunger for power.

Whimsically blending commedia dell'arte influences with song and dance, The Walk Across America for Mother Earth explores...

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