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The Hill-billies were part of a vaudeville group that entertained at the Civilian Conservation Corps camps across the Northwest in the 1930s. The group operated under the auspices of the Federal Theatre Project based in Seattle.

Imagine the scene: All the factories in a city have been closed by sit-down strikes. Union and management are deadlocked. Enter the local university president, who invites representatives of the various factions of the union into his office to talk it over. But when they arrive he’s not there, and while they wait for him, a...

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"Yesterday I learned that you can see evolution actually happening every day on the Gallopagos Islands. I never knew that." The student who imparted that bit of knowledge to theater history Professor Barry Witham is not the first to feel that Witham is as much student as teacher. His friendly demeanor invites students to explore ideas with him and, in the end, they learn almost without realizing it.

"He works as if the Socratic method were a thing of nature," says former student Derek Davidson. "We wander into class a little unsure about this fellow Artaud or Stanislavsky we have...

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