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Fiat Lux Redux, UC Berkeley

Catherine M. Cole, Designer and Curator, Fiat Lux project, On the Same Page, UC Berkeley.

Fiat Lux ("let there be light") is not only the motto of the University of California. It is also the name of a vast repository of photographs taken of the entire UC system nearly fifty years ago by Ansel Adams, one of the most famous photographers of the 20th Century. This extraordinary time capsule from the UC's past was chosen as the centerpiece for the 2012 On the Same Page program under the lead curation of Catherine M. Cole Through a website (and the network of classes, talks, exhibitions, and databases that it weaves together), the project invite students and the public to explore the Fiat Lux collection, to look imaginatively and critically at the university's history, and to participate actively in making its future. See overview of the project here:

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