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2018 Theatre History Symposium of MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference) in Milwaukee, WIPanel: The Upside Downs: Mobile Theatres, Confinement, and Parallel StagesChair: Robert Shimko, University of Houston Conferences 18th Century, Feminism and Feminist Theory, French, Historiography, History, Performance Studies
"'Better to burn': The Stage, the Church, and the Construction of Woman in Late Fourth Century Antioch," Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), Religion and Theatre Debut Panel, July, 2014 Conferences Ancient, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Popular Culture, Religion, Theater History, Theory/Criticism
"DADA’s Queer Ontologies:  Tzara, Ball, and Pluriversal Politics at Cabaret Voltaire,"  Mid-America Theatre Conference, March 2016 Conferences 20th Century, Aesthetics, Culture, Modernism, Queer Studies, Race and Ethnicity
Adcock-Starr, Leah.  (April 2014). "B.F.F.’s and the Bard: Reclaiming the Importance of Female Friendship in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream".  Paper presented at Shakespeare 450: Societe Francaise Shakespeare.  Paris, France. Conferences Directing, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Shakespeare
Article Writing Seminar for the Latino Theatre Focus Group, ATHE. Denver, CO. August 2008. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory
Elizabeth A. Osborne and Shelby Lunderman. ”This is the Dawning of the Age of the Online Course: Process, Practice, & Pageantry in Introduction to Theatre.” Mid-America Theatre Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 17-20, 2016. Conferences History
International  Federation for Theatre Research, "Conversations with a silenced past and current oppressions: a film-set activism of Turkish unions"Part of the panel: Political Performances,Performing the Past in Prison Theatre / Archive, Space and Resistance Conferences 20th Century, Turkish
Judith Shahn is a board member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and attended the London conference at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama Conferences Devised Work, Music, Performance Studies, Singing, Speech, Voice
Keynote Address, "Staging American Memories," Toulouse, France. Conferences American, Theater History
Motherhood Research Group: “Subverting La Llorona in Loomer’s Bocón." ASTR. Toronto. November 2005. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory
Panelist, "The Macabre, the Mystifying, and the Memorable," First Annual Conference on Dark Tourism Conferences Performance Studies, Theory/Criticism
Panelist, Seattle GeekGirlCon, “Beyond the Stage: Exploring Theater Fandom,” October 2017This panel takes a closer look at current theater fandom. Panelists discuss how they have been impacted by the shows they love, why some shows inspire such passionate fans, how fandoms have grown and evolved over the years, and more! Conferences Musical Theater
Rogus, Amanda M. "Shakespeare's Survivors: The Representation of the Philomela Character Across the Dramatic Canon" Wooden O Symposium, Online Zoom Presentation due to COVID-19. (August 2020) Conferences Shakespeare
Rogus, Amanda M. “A Play by Any Other Name Would Sound as Sweet: Paleographical Proof of Mispronunciation in Henslowe’s Diary” - Mid-America Theatre Conference, Chicago, IL. (March 2020) Conferences Theater History
Rogus, Amanda M. “Early Modern Villainy?: Law’s Role in Shakespeare’s Merchant and Marlowe’s Malta” Elizabethan and Jacobean Conference, Harrisonburg, VA. (November 2017) Conferences Shakespeare
Rogus, Amanda M. “Exit Juliet Pursued by Romeo: Exploring Storytelling Shifts in Explicit Stage Directions” College English Association Conference, New Orleans, LA. (March 2019) Conferences Shakespeare
Rogus, Amanda M. “Ignorant or Seem So Craftily”: Isabella and Angelo’s Rhetoric in Measure for Measure” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference Atlanta, GA. (November 2019) Conferences Shakespeare
Rogus, Amanda M. “One Collective Sensation in the Greek Chorus Line: A Performance Reflection of Oedipus” Ancient Theatre Conference, Lynchburg, VA. (October 2018) Conferences Acting, Theater History
Rogus, Amanda M. “The Patriarchal Matriarch: An Analysis of Women’s Power in Jen Silverman’s Plays” Race and Gender Roles Conference, Miami, OH. (February 2017) Conferences Theater History, Theory/Criticism
Rogus, Amanda M. “The Pedagogy of Trauma Drama: Teaching a Trauma-Informed Understanding of Measure for Measure” - Mid-America Theatre Conference, Chicago, IL. (March 2020) Conferences Acting Pedagogy
Rogus, Amanda M. “Treachery Thy Name is Barabas; Lawfulness Thy Name is Shylock: Yet Villainy in Both?” College English Association Conference, St. Petersburgh, FL. (April 2018) Conferences Shakespeare
Rogus, Amanda M. “Two Hands are Better Than One: A Paleographic Exploration of Henslowe's Diary” Mid-America Theatre Conference, Cleveland, OH. (March 2019) Conferences Theater History
The Octopus: Becoming Guatemalan in a Home Depot Parking Lot.” American Society for Theatre Research 2013 Annual Meeting. Dallas, TX. Conferences, Graduate Critical Theory
“Arousing the Empathic Gendered Subject: Transpecies Domesticity and Sentient Spectacles in the Early Enlightenment,” Animal Engagements, ASTR Forum, La Jolla, CA, November, 2018. Conferences 17th Century, 18th Century, Drama, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Popular Culture
“Authentic Sensations: Female Bodies and Creating Spiritual Affect.” Panelist, American Theatre in Higher Education Annual Conference, Detroit MI (Remote), July 2020. Conferences Theater History, 19th Century, American, Dramaturgy, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Religion