Trouble in Mind, Intiman Theatre, 2013

Tracy Michelle Hughes in Intiman Production of Trouble in Mind
Tracy Michelle Hughes, Andrew Creech, Tim Gouran, in Intiman Production of Trouble in Mind, photo: Chris Bennion
Trouble in Mind. Intiman Theatre. 2013
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Broadway, 1957. An integrated theatre company gathers to rehearse a new play—the one they hope will be the next big hit on the Great White Way. Against the backdrop of misperceptions and stereotypes within the company, veteran actress Wiletta Mayer grapples with the choice between a once in a lifetime chance to play the lead role in a Broadway show, and the cost of compromising her principles. Trouble in Mind is a groundbreaking backstage story of egos and attitudes, and an insightful look at who we are and who we want to be.

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