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The Colonial American Stage

The Colonial American Stage, 1665-1774: A Documentary Calendar
Odai Johnson and William J. Burling. The Colonial American Stage: A Documentary Calendar. Associated University Presses, 2001.

Drawing upon newspapers, contemporary correspondence and diaries, playbills, and governmental documents, The Colonial American Stage, 1665-1774: A Documentary Calendar presents a day-by-day calendar of every known performance by a professional or amateur company or solo performer and all related information from the beginning of the colonial period to the closing of the theaters at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in October of 1774. Included are complete play and cast lists (where available), actor and civic benefits, building contracts, pricing schedules, advertisements relating to personnel, dates, seasons, premieres of plays, authors, companies, sources, occasional reviews, juridical acts that impacted the theater, maps, an extensive analytical introduction, bibliography, and index. This Calendar gathers together all of the known, existing material relating to the theaters, productions, and personnel of companies and individuals performing in the American colonies, reexamines all previously published primary evidence and claims; and offers extensive new information from sources unknown or unavailable to previous researchers, thus superceding all previous reference works on the subject.

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