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Volume 1. 1750–1915: Theatre in the Colonies and the United States

Theatre in the United States, a Documentary History
Volume 1. 1750–1915: Theatre in the Colonies and the United States, Barry Witham, Cambridge University Press

This is the first of two volumes of documents that describe the growth and development of theater in the United States. This book goes from the beginnings of theater in the North American colonies up to the First World War. It is organized in three chronological sections, each with its own introduction, documents and commentary, arranged into chapters on business practice, acting, theater buildings, drama, design, and audience behavior. Written sources include records of business transactions, letters, newspaper reports, reviews, memoirs and architectural descriptions. There are also numerous pictorial items. Volume 2, scheduled for publication in late 1996, covers the period from 1915 to the present.

  • This is related to, though not officially part of, the Theatre in Europe series in which we have published three volumes so far
  • Documents are fully introduced, linked and annotated
  • Over 40 pictures

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