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Seattle Theatre Symposium Event Spotlight: Seattle Theatre Symposium October 12, 2015
Todd London Letter from the Executive Director, Fall 2015 October 12, 2015
Michael Monicatti in London. Student Perspective: Michael Monicatti October 12, 2015
Jennifer installing "Robin Hood" on the stage in New York. Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Lupton (MFA 1980) October 12, 2015
Holly Arsenault, playwright and Drama alumna Holly Arsenault (BA 2001) participates in project pairing theatre and science September 24, 2015
Malika Oyetimein Malika Oyetimein (MFA 2017) profiled on September 24, 2015
Upcoming Events September 22, 2015
Richard Nguyen Sloniker and Andrew Wilkes in 'Sound.' Photo by Jason Tang. Alumni News, September 2015 September 22, 2015
Invest in the School of Drama September 22, 2015
Directing student Malika Oyetimein Alumni Event: Bootycandy Discount and Reception September 22, 2015
Season and Single Tickets Now on Sale September 22, 2015
Headshot of Christopher Goodson. PhD Candidate Christopher Goodson Interviews Playwright Diane Rodriguez September 14, 2015
The Privilege of Time, Study, and Solitude September 10, 2015
Todd London Executive Director Todd London writes about the lives of 15 actors 20-years post-graduation for American Theatre magazine September 1, 2015
Jonathan Shue and Hannah Ruwe in "Indian Ink" Alumni News—August 2015 August 25, 2015
Seattle Theatres Lost and Founded Lost & Founded: Reading Series Opener August 25, 2015
Invest in the School of Drama August 25, 2015
Directing student Malika Oyetimein Alumni Event: "Bootycandy" Discount and Reception August 25, 2015
Alumni Project: Pre-Screening of "Becoming Mermaid" August 25, 2015
Naomi Mercer, BA '00 Alumni Spotlight: Naomi Mercer (BA '00) August 24, 2015
Josh Beerman Finding time for rest in an industry of feast or famine August 20, 2015
Annie Morro (Musical Theater '15) takes center stage August 11, 2015
Yesenia Iglesias Yesenia Iglesias (PATP 2014) featured in Encore Arts July 27, 2015
Adam Noble, PATP '05 Recent Faculty and Alumni Achievements, Summer 2015 July 10, 2015
2015–2016 Season Schedule July 10, 2015