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“The Incarceration of Language: Xhosa and the Performance of Race in South Africa’s Ubuze Bam.” Mid-America Theatre Conference. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. March 15-18, 2018. Conferences African, Social Justice
2018 Theatre History Symposium of MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference) in Milwaukee, WIPanel: The Upside Downs: Mobile Theatres, Confinement, and Parallel StagesChair: Robert Shimko, University of Houston Conferences 18th Century, Feminism and Feminist Theory, French, Historiography, History, Performance Studies
"The Revelation of the Sensible: Theatre and Science in Seventeenth-Century Revolutionary England," ATHE, Boston, August, 2018 Conferences 17th Century, Performance Studies, Religion, Science and Technology, Theater History
Rogus, Amanda M. “The Patriarchal Matriarch: An Analysis of Women’s Power in Jen Silverman’s Plays” Race and Gender Roles Conference, Miami, OH. (February 2017) Conferences Theater History, Theory/Criticism
Rogus, Amanda M. “Early Modern Villainy?: Law’s Role in Shakespeare’s Merchant and Marlowe’s Malta” Elizabethan and Jacobean Conference, Harrisonburg, VA. (November 2017) Conferences Shakespeare
“Performing the American Astronaut: From Fighter Pilot to Cold Warrior.” Innovation Series. University of Houston. March, 2017. Conferences 20th Century, Costumes, Historiography, History, Performance Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History
2017 American Asociation for Theatre Research Conference (ASTR), "Extraordinary Bodies."  Working Group: "Global South" Conferences Diaspora Studies, Global and Transnational Studies, Historiography, Indigenous, Latin American, Latino/a Studies, Performance Studies, Postcolonial
“The Last ‘Last Meal’: Reexamining Execution and the Performance of Power.” Mid-America Theatre Conference. Houston, Texas. March 16-19, 2017. Conferences Critical Theory, Social Justice, Theory/Criticism
“The Nature of Orca Encounters: SeaWorld Post-Blackfish.” Working Group, American Society for Theatre Research. Atlanta, Georgia. November 16-19, 2017. Conferences Ecocriticism, Museum Studies/Museology
Panelist, Seattle GeekGirlCon, “Beyond the Stage: Exploring Theater Fandom,” October 2017This panel takes a closer look at current theater fandom. Panelists discuss how they have been impacted by the shows they love, why some shows inspire such passionate fans, how fandoms have grown and evolved over the years, and more! Conferences Musical Theater
"Beyond Hybrid Bodies in the Early Enlightenment Laboratory: Epistemological Formations as Interspecies Constitutions," From the Curious to the Quantum Working Group, ASTR, Atlanta, November, 2017 Conferences 17th Century, English, French, Global and Transnational Studies, Museum Studies/Museology, Visual Culture
Panelist, "The Macabre, the Mystifying, and the Memorable," First Annual Conference on Dark Tourism Conferences Performance Studies, Theory/Criticism
"(Gestural Ontologies): Simian Sociality in the Production of Early Modern Universals," Living with Animals, EKU, Richmond, March, 2017 Conferences 17th Century, Drama, Ecocriticism, Global and Transnational Studies, Popular Culture, Theater History
"(Gestural Ontologies): Simian Sociality in the Production of Early Modern Universals," Mid-America Theatre Conference (MATC), Houston, March, 2017 Conferences 17th Century, Drama, Performance Studies, Popular Culture
Elizabeth A. Osborne and Shelby Lunderman. ”This is the Dawning of the Age of the Online Course: Process, Practice, & Pageantry in Introduction to Theatre.” Mid-America Theatre Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 17-20, 2016. Conferences History
Panelist, Seattle GeekGirlCon, "History Has Its Eyes on Hamilton: The Musical, The History, and the Impact," October 2016 Conferences Musical Theater, Race and Ethnicity
International  Federation for Theatre Research, "Conversations with a silenced past and current oppressions: a film-set activism of Turkish unions"Part of the panel: Political Performances,Performing the Past in Prison Theatre / Archive, Space and Resistance Conferences 20th Century, Turkish
"The Violent Spatializing of Time:  Colonizing Utopian Imaginaries in Seventeenth-Century Barbados,"  International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, 2016. Conferences 17th Century, Ecocriticism, Global and Transnational Studies, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity, Religion
"DADA’s Queer Ontologies:  Tzara, Ball, and Pluriversal Politics at Cabaret Voltaire,"  Mid-America Theatre Conference, March 2016 Conferences 20th Century, Aesthetics, Culture, Modernism, Queer Studies, Race and Ethnicity
“British Sikh Flaneurs: How the Failure of Multiculturalism Produces a Contemporary Avant-Garde,”  plenary, ASTR, Portland, 2015. Conferences Drama, English, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Radical Theater, Reception Studies, Theory/Criticism
"Remembering the Best and Forgetting the Rest: Training as a Dramaturg," Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Montreal, July/August 2015  Conferences Dramaturgy
2015 ASTR Working Group: 'Mobilizing Effective Scholarship and Performance Today: Advocacy and Activism in Indigenous Research and Performance in the Americas' - "Performing Textual Communities: Lear Khehkwaii and Alaska Native Shakespeare" Conferences Activist Theater, American Indian/Native American, Directing, Performance Studies
 "Intersections and Collaborations: Dramaturg and Director Case Studies in Conversation," Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Montreal, July/August 2015 Conferences 17th Century, 18th Century, Directing, Dramaturgy, French, Opera
"Remembering the Best and Forgetting the Rest: Training as a Dramaturg," Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Montreal, July/August 2015 Conferences Dramaturgy
“Framing Violence in Interspecies Relations:  Encountering Flesh as Neoliberal Spatio-temporal Imaginary in The Portland Meat Collective," ASTR 2015, Portland Conferences 21st Century, Activist Theater, Aesthetics, Ecocriticism, Performance Studies, Social Change, Social Justice