Representing the Past: Essays in Performance Historiography, edited by Canning and Postlewait
Contemporary American Monologues for Women
Todd London


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Translation, “Sembolizm” from “The Introduction/Symbolism” in Richard Ellman & Fiedelson, Charles, Jr, Eds. The Modern Tradition: Backgrounds of Modern Literature. (2003) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Gençler Için Nazim Hikmet Oyunlari, Book Review. (2003) Bahar Karlidag Critical Theory
Theatricality (2003) Thomas Postlewait Drama, Performance Studies
Stage Shakers! Stage-Shakers! (2001) Kwame Braun, Catherine Cole African, Film/Cinema
Ghana's Concert Party Theatre Ghana's Concert Party Theatre (2001) Catherine Cole African
The Colonial American Stage (2001) Odai Johnson 18th Century, American
Rehearsing the Revolution (2000) Odai Johnson 17th Century, English
All Powers Necessary and Convenient (2000) Mark Jenkins Playwriting
passing girl Passing Girl: Riverside (1998) Kwame Braun African, Film/Cinema
Contemporary American Monologues for Women Contemporary American Monologues for Women  (1997) Acting, American
Anna Deavere Smith:  An Exploration of Otherness (1995) Monica Cortes Viharo Acting, Activist Theater, Critical Theory, Feminism and Feminist Theory, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Performance Studies, Theater History, Theory/Criticism
The Artistic Home (1993) Playwriting
Outrageous Fortune (1993) American, Playwriting
fools fire Fool's Fire (1992) Skip Mercier Design, Film/Cinema
Interpreting the Theatrical Past (1989) Thomas Postlewait Historiography, Theater History
Prophet of the New Drama: William Archer and the Ibsen Campaign (1986) Thomas Postlewait 19th Century, 20th Century, Drama, English, Theater History
William Archer on Ibsen (1984) Thomas Postlewait 19th Century, 20th Century, Drama, English
Uncle Sam Presents (1982) Barry Witham 20th Century, American, Theater History
Victorian Science and Victorian Values (1981) Thomas Postlewait 19th Century, Drama, English, Science and Technology, Theater History
Remains:  Performance at the Edge of Empire  (Completed/published) Odai Johnson Ancient, History, Theater History
Statements Before and After Arrests: Performing at Law’s Edge in Apartheid South Africa,” Law as/and Performance (Completed/published) Catherine Cole African
Publications and Projects (Completed/published) African, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Theater History
Volume 1. 1750–1915: Theatre in the Colonies and the United States (Completed/published) Barry Witham Theater History


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Slow Down or Else (2019) Shelby Lunderman Theory/Criticism
Age of the Online Course (2018) Shelby Lunderman Theater History